Reference: 04-013

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Cable 3-wire


Cable 3-wire Unshielded cable for connection of temp sensors/modules and/or to use as a bus conductor in the system. Area: 3 x 0.14 mm2Color: GraySelect cable length before you add to shopping cart.

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Reference: 01-001

Brand: Eastron

SDM72DR MID Energy Meter with resettable trip counter


MID certified Threee Phase Energy Meter! MID certified 3-phase electricity meters with both non-resetable counter and resettable trip counter, power meter that shows exactly how many watts that is currently consumed.4 modules wide. For 35 mm DIN rail. Perfect for those who want to monitor the house, cottage, heat pump, or whatever it may be! Need help?...

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Reference: 01-004

Brand: Eastron

Eastron SDM630 Modbus MID V2, 3-phase electricity meter


Modular device for DIN rail 35mm, width: 4 modules, the display shows Volt, Amps, Power, Power factor and more. With pulse output suitable for logging, modbus RTU communication available suitable for our Logger 1010 or Logger 3030 datalogger. MID certification makes it possible to use for billing purposes.

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Reference: 25-001

Chint NL210 3-phase residual current device TYPE B


Chint NL210 3-phase earth leakage circuit breaker TYPE B Ground fault switch for charging station for electric cars, electric hybrids, charging hybrids. The ground fault circuit breaker of TYP B has since 2017 been a requirement for charging electric cars. We offer the right switch for a difficult price. Fits (among others) Tesla Powerwall.

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Reference: 04-012

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Cable 2X0.14 mm2


Cable 2X0.14 mm2 Unshielded cable for connection of electricity meter sensors, digital input sensors.Area: 2 x 0.14 mm2Color: Gray Select cable length before adding to cart.

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Reference: 02-006

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Dallas 1-wire PRO tube surface sensor


Tube surface Sensor, affordable 3-wire temperature sensor with the sensor encapsulated in a 14 mm polished "prism" aluminium casing, the sensors are specially adapted to Logger 2020.  This type of temperature sensor are very accurate, calibrated in the factory. Chip: Dallas DS18B20

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Reference: 15-001

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Vibration damper Premium


Vibration dampers Premium "Soft" A kit that we meticulously evaluated and put together to get the best possible way to de-vibrate air heat pumps. This "soft" kit has slightly softer springs than our "hard" kit, especially designed for those who mount in places that are well protected from harsh winds. Our soft package has hardness 5/3 compared to the hard...

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Wired Motion Sensor


Well designed wired PIR motion detector, "pet safe" for pets up to 15 kg.

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Name Wired PIR Motion Sensor with Pet Immunity 
Model WebIQ Sec Sys 105
Power Supply DC9-16V
Current 15mA(12V DC)
Detecting distence 12m
Detecting angle 110°
Installation height 1.7m to 2.5m
Alarm indicator Red LED
Alarm output NC or NO
Tamper switch NC
Pet Immunity 15KG
Self-testing time 60S or so
Operation Temp. –10°C to +50°C
Humidity 5%--95% non-condensing
Dimension 75mmx55mmx135mm
Weight 200g
Package List
PIR Sensor x1
Bracket  x1
Screws x4
User Manual x1
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Reference: 20-001

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Wireless Heat and Smoke Detector


Smoke alarm, wireless heat and smoke detecting (optical) smoke detector that respond to both heat and smoke. Wireless transmission of alarms to the house alarm, which in turn alerts you via text or voice message and locally over 110 db siren. Alarm also locally at the smoke alarm using the smoke detector built-in speaker/siren with 85 db sound pressure.

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Reference: 20-002

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Name: Wired Flashing & Sound Siren


Name: Wired Flashing & Sound Siren ◆Wired Flashing & Sound Siren;◆Installation: wall-mounted;◆Power: DC9-12V;◆Sound level:100-110dB;◆Color: Red;◆Rated current: 250mA;◆Material: ABS;◆Operation Temp: –10°C to +50°C;◆Humidity: 5%--95% non-condensing;◆Unit Weight: 120g;

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