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Pool spunge, the miracle for dirt line cleaning in your PVC-liner swimmingpool!

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  • Melamin spounge for cleaning your pool water/dirt line.

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  • Pool sponge 18 pcs 18-pack Melamine cleaning sponge, fantastically effective for cleaning the waterline in your pool, but also incredibly effective for cleaning plastic and / or and chrome pool details. Highly recommended by us, we use it ourselves both for the pool and in the kitchen / toilet - a must if you have not already tried!

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  • Test strips 6 in 1 for pools and whirlpools. Measures Total chlorine, Free chlorine / Bromine, Ph, Alkalinity, CYA and water hardness. For Pools / Spas / Hot Tubs - Easy to Test! The sticks are packed in 5 tight aluminum bags, 10 pieces in each, they all fit in the jar, this gives long shelf life and minimizes the risk of "sub-packages" destroyed by water...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items