Shipping Rates
We always use Posten for our deliveries.
The prices when this was written , 2013-11-10, was as follows.

Letter / Letter Cash on Delivery
0-0.25 kg = 25 SEK
0.25 - 0.5 kg = 40 SEK
0.5 kg -1 = 55 SEK
1-2 kg = 80 SEK

COD = 56 SEK extra.

0-3 kg = 145 SEK
3-5 kg = 175 SEK
5-10 kg = 235 SEK
10-15 kg = 285 SEK
15-20 kg = 340 SEK

COD 56 SEK extra.

Företagspaket 16:00
0-3 kg = 200 SEK
3-5 kg = 235 SEK
5-10 kg = 300 SEK
10-15 kg = 350 SEK
15-20 kg = 400 SEK
COD can not be selected , advance payment is required unless we have agreed otherwise through personal contact with you as a buyer.
Generally about the different shipping options.
Valid for weights up to 2 kg and with certain dimensions .
Varubrev have a barcode label that makes delivery to the customer traceable.

If the item can fit in the mailbox, it will be delivered directly in the mailbox , if the item is too bulky an alert will be sent via text message or letter, we always notify via text messege if you provided a valid mobile number .

Valid for weights up to 2 kg
COD fee is 56 SEK.
We use Pacsoft system, which means that all COD orders have a barcode label on it, this makes this type of delivery trackable and insured, which means that we/Posten takes responsibility for delivery right up to the customer.

PACKAGE ( MyPack )
We use Posten Pacsoft system, meaning that deliveries be equipped with barcode label, is traceable , insured, and we/Posten takes responsibility for delivery right up to the customer.

Business package requires that there is always someone at the delivery address who can receive the item, if there is not, we give a notice and you yourself pick up the package at the nearest post terminal.