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Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Cable 3-wire


Cable 3-wire Unshielded cable for connection of temp sensors/modules and/or to use as a bus conductor in the system. Area: 3 x 0.14 mm2Color: GraySelect cable length before you add to shopping cart.

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Reference: 01-001

Brand: Eastron

SDM72DR MID Energy Meter with resettable trip counter


MID certified Threee Phase Energy Meter! MID certified 3-phase electricity meters with both non-resetable counter and resettable trip counter, power meter that shows exactly how many watts that is currently consumed.4 modules wide. For 35 mm DIN rail. Perfect for those who want to monitor the house, cottage, heat pump, or whatever it may be! Need help?...

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Reference: 01-004

Brand: Eastron

Eastron SDM630 Modbus MID V2, 3-phase electricity meter


Modular device for DIN rail 35mm, width: 4 modules, the display shows Volt, Amps, Power, Power factor and more. With pulse output suitable for logging, modbus RTU communication available suitable for our Logger 1010 or Logger 3030 datalogger. MID certification makes it possible to use for billing purposes.

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Reference: 25-001

Chint NL210 3-phase residual current device TYPE B


Chint NL210 3-phase earth leakage circuit breaker TYPE B Ground fault switch for charging station for electric cars, electric hybrids, charging hybrids. The ground fault circuit breaker of TYP B has since 2017 been a requirement for charging electric cars. We offer the right switch for a difficult price. Fits (among others) Tesla Powerwall.

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Reference: 04-012

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Cable 2X0.14 mm2


Cable 2X0.14 mm2 Unshielded cable for connection of electricity meter sensors, digital input sensors.Area: 2 x 0.14 mm2Color: Gray Select cable length before adding to cart.

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Reference: 15-001

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Vibration damper Premium


Vibration dampers Premium "Soft" A kit that we meticulously evaluated and put together to get the best possible way to de-vibrate air heat pumps. This "soft" kit has slightly softer springs than our "hard" kit, especially designed for those who mount in places that are well protected from harsh winds. Our soft package has hardness 5/3 compared to the hard...

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Logger 2020 Starter pack
  • Logger 2020 Starter pack
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket
  • Logger 2020 Startpaket

Logger 2020 Starter pack


Logger 2020 starter-pack

A package that contains everything needed to get started with datalogging.

The package makes it possible to log indoor temperature, outdoor temperature and electricity consumption, to log the other things you buy the sensors needed under "Loggertillbehör". Click here to read more about the content.


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Logger 2020 starter pack

A package that includes:
■ CPU Logger 2020 with illuminated display
■ Link to where new software can be downloaded.

■ Power supply 12 Vdc

■ Indoor temperature sensor
■ Outdoor temperature sensor
■ Electricity meter sensor that can read the flashing LED which are available at most electronic meters
■ Junction box
■ Network cable 2 m
■ 10 meters of 3-wire cable for connecting temperature sensors
■ 10 meter wire cable for connecting electricity meter senosr

Logger 2020 is a small, versatile, and affordable datalogger for measuring, monitoring and energy saving. Whether for electricity metering, temperature measurement, humidity measurement, flow measurement or monitoring of properties, houses, cottages or heating systems, then Logger 2020 is the solution!

Logger 2020 helps you save money!
■ Does the heat system work?
■ How mutch is your electricity consumtion?
■ How is the summer house doing?
■ Is there a risk that pipes/tubes will freeze?
■ Is the crawlspace dry?
■ How much water is used when the teenager showers?
■ What is my heat pump COP anyway?
■ Runs the dehumidifier in vain?
■ Does the freezer work ok?
■ What is the outdoor temperature at home?
■ Do I have a water leak?
■ How much energy generates my solar panels?

Logger 2020 is a small, versatile, and affordable data logger for individuals and companies. If you want to measure, and in reports, tables and graphs visualize, for example, electricity consumption, electricity production, temperature, humidity and/or flow is Logger 2020 the solution for you. Common applications are: monitoring of real estate, houses, homes, heat pumps, wood boilers, heat storage tanks, solar panels, pellet boilers, freezers, cold rooms, pool and spa. Using Logger 2020 helps you visualize, and makes you more aware, for example about your energy consumtion, this makes it possible to save energy, for example by optimizing your heating plant and, by doing so, provide the best possible conditions for maximum efficiency and longevity.

What is a logger and what can Logger 2020 used for?

You probably have someone in your circle of acquaintances who at a certain time every day tkes note of the electricity meter counter and what the outside temperature is, just to keep track?. This is what Logger 2020 does, but much more often and more reliable. It is possible to measure and monitor much more than temperature and electricity consumption, such as humidity, flow and water consumption. In addition, Logger 2020 supports  monitoring of such as solar panels, heat pumps and pellet boiler. Thanks to the internet is the distance no problem, Logger 2020 can be used to monitor things as well in the room next door, or yur recreation house 1000 miles away. Logger 2020 is therefore extremely versatile and useful in everything from energy saving in the small household to business monitoring and optimizing of cooling, heating and ventilation. Think of Logger 2020 as building blocks with which you build up a measurement system that can monitor anything.

It's easy to get started

All that is needed is a Logger 2020, a router, sensors for what should be measured, a power outlet, and a PC or internet access via fixed or mobile broadband. Readings from the Logger 2020 can be stored both on your PC, in the supplied Windows program LoggerSoft, and/or over the internet in the web service E-logger. It is also possible to simultaneously save data on your PC and the web service.

PC software LoggerSoft
In LoggerSoft values displayes ​​in tables and simple graphs with quick update interval, which is useful when, for example, when installing the logger or when troubleshooting or tuning of a heating system  are made. LoggerSoft can of course also be used for independent continuous logging.

Keep track wherever you are
Via the web service E-logger readings can be accessed in any browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you are. It is easy to create graphs where different weeks, months and years are compared. You can quickly see trends and relationships that will help you, for example, save energy and ensure that your home are doing well. Measured values ​​and graphs can be viewed on our website, so that many people can see them. There is also an alarm function that makes it possible to receive alerts via email or SMS if for example the freezer or heat stops working.

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Logger 1010


Logger 1010 'Logger 1010 is a powerful logger / control unit with a focus on being maximally flexible and easy to use. Support for a plethora of sensors, logging locally and remotely, and alarm possibilities via SMS and e-mail, make the areas of use almost endless.

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Power supply 12 VDC / 2.1 A


Mean Well S-25-12 power supply 230 VAC to 12 VDC, 2.1 A Switching power supply with 12 V 2.1 A out, adjustable output voltage via potentiometer. Required for those who intend to connect many M-bus meters to our M-Bus Master, but also for those who want to connect sensors that require more power than the Logger 3030 can deliver on their analogue outputs...

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Reference: 03-002

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Logger 3030 PRO Modbus


Logger 3030 PRO Modbus For more detailed information, see the product website or manual on MANUAL. Logger 3030 PRO is a powerful logger/controller with a focus on being really flexible and easy to use. Support for a variety of sensors/transmitters, many terminals, logging locally and remotely and alert options via SMS and...

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Reference: 03-009

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

M-bus konverter


M-bus konverter för att kunna koppla Logger 23030 PRO mot våra Actaris Värmemätare med pulsutgångskort + M-bus. OBS! 12V nätdel ingår ej. Klarar upp till 60 stycken enheter anslutna med 12 V 2 A nätdel. Med få enheter anslutna går det bra att köpa vår 12V 1 A nätdel: LÄNK TILL 12 V 1 A NÄTDEL

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Reference: 03-033

Power Supply for Logger 1010 & 3030


Power supply 12 VDC 1 A Power supply suitable for Logger 2020, Logger 3030 and our M-bus Converter Plug-in, switching, stabilized output voltage. Wide input voltage range

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Reference: 03-032

Power Supply for Logger 1010 & 3030


Power supply 12 VDC 1 A Power supply suitable for Logger 2020, Logger 3030 and our M-bus Converter Plug-in, switching, stabilized output voltage. Wide input voltage range

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Reference: 03-011

Power supply 24 VDC / 0.5 A


Power supply 24 VDC / 0.5 A For use with our UL1 level meter that requires 24V power supply, or other products requiring 24V power supply and need be connected to Logger 3030 PRO and its galvanically disconnected analog inputs (iADC), either via 4-20 mA or 0-10 V signal.

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Reference: 03-005

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Logger 2020


Logger 2020 with illuminated display, is a small versatile logger that automatically and at frequent intervals can read various types of sensors, and send the readings to either a PC or the Web site E-logger where the data is stored and displayed in several ways.

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Reference: 03-012

Brand: Energibutiken, WebIQ AB

Extern onewire 4x20 oled-display


External onewire 4x20 oled display NOTE: Yellow characters. External display for Logger 1010 and Logger 3030 PRO Modbus, can be placed in any place e.g. kitchen, office, living room or similar. OLED means that the display exudes quality and has a very good sharpness and contrast. The display has controls US2066 and can also be used with Rasberiy PI,...

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