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Wireless alarm starter kit with Central Unit, 1 motion detector, 1 door sensor, two remotes exclusive metal.

Can be controlled via the app available for both iPhone and Andriod. At burglary alarm rings up (or send SMS) to up to 5 of your pre-programmed numbers via mobile network.

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Well designed wireless alarm starter kit for the mobile network via built-in GSM module.

Via iOS / Android APP , one can control the alarm, download the application here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sdph.iph

If you want to avoid, prevent or become aware of a Burglary, Fire, Vandalism, and the like...

When the alarm is active, it will send SMS to pre-programmed phone numbers.

The alarm can also call these numbers on activated alarm and leave a voice messege.

You as the owner can also call up the alarm's own number to Warn, Disarm, Arm, Triggering the alarm ( Alarm function ) and/or listening inside the house if you suspect that something is going to happen or has happened.

Obviously you need the password to be able to call the alarm and operate the same.

NO FIXED COSTS, Since you have full control of the alarm , and self are called when larm goes off, there are no fixed costs associated with this alarm, except for the small cost that since you have to have an active prepaid mobile phone "cashcard" in the alarm central unit. (about 1-10 € / year for to keep the card active).

Naturally , it can cost some money if the alarm goes off often, but these costs are then completely tied to the prepaid mobile phone card of your choice, in the normal case, the costs are minimal.

Perfect for mounting in Villa, House, Garage, Storage, Store, Warehouse and similar places.

Telephone landline is not required , just access to 230V.

This is a easy install and setup alarm even for those who have not done anything like this before.

Wireless range up to 80 m in open space.

Walls, floors , radio transmitters (cell phones , wifi , etc.) nearby can shorten the range, but is usually no problem. Would there be problems with the range we keep a small range of wired sensors that you can select (optional) in case you are uncertain. For fire alarms and IR-/PIR-detector is the 9v battery ( 6LR61 ). For magnet / window switches , vibration sensors and remote controls is the 12v battery (LR 23A ).

Battery life depends on the detector and activity, but is usually around 6-24 months , we stock spare batteries at very competitive prices. The alarm handles up to 2 wired zones and 10 wireless zones, you can have several different sensors connected to a zone, so the number of detectors may be many more (just remote controls and panic buttons have unique ID). The alarm has "Intercom" (built- in microphone and speakers ) so you can dial up the alarm and talk to people who are in proximity.

Programmable via the cellular network ( Password Protected ) You can change the text messages sent on alarm.

The package includes:

1pcs Alarm Center / Head unit with built-in battery backup.

1pcs wireless motion detector / motion sensor.

1pcs Wireless magnetic door switch / window switch

2pcs Cordless remote controls.

1pcs AC Adaptor / Battery eliminator.

1pcs English User manual and wiring manual.

4pcs alarm decals 50 x 42 mm.

3pcs alarm decals 16 x 8 mm for mounting on detectors if you will.

Batteries included with all accessories.

Home Alarm 2 specs
GSM freq850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Backup Battery For continue working 24 hours when power cut/off
Batterylithium battery DC7.24V
Display1.7 inch TFT Colorl LCD display
Personal Message Record10s
Input voltageDC12V
Standby current<25 mA
Alarm current<450 mA
Alarm Sound110dB
Wireless frequency433Mhz
Support wireless sensorsEV1527/300K    2262/1.5-4.7M
Wireless distance100m open
Support Sensors Q'ty150pcs remote control + 150pcs detectors
Work TemperatureTemp: –10°C to 40°C
Color Box Dimension23*17*10cm
Standard Kit Weight0.8KG
Features & Functions
Working WaysGSM Network
PSTN Telephone Line
Contact ID
Defense Zones99 Wireless Zones 
2 Wired Zones
Alarm call and sms telephone No.6 groups of call phone number
2 groups CID numbers
3 groups of help phone number
6 groups of SMS number
Remote control the systemArm
Play records
Stop the siren sound or activate the siren sound
Control relay open and close (home appliance control )
Basic FunctionsLCD display time/Arm/Disarm/Stay arm/Alarm/Setting
English voice operation instruction
Password protection function
0-99secs. delay alarm setting
0-99secs. delay arm setting
0-20mins. Siren ringing time setting
Set the alarm volume
Remote control operation siren sound on/off
Zone name self-editing function
Ringing times setting
Timing arm and Timing disarm
Stay intelligent arm
Help senior
Anti-decoding protection function
Telephone line anti-cut function
External power on and off SMS notification
GSM mode on/off
Operating the host by SMS and Phone
Check alarm system working status 
Reset factory setting
Home Alarm Standard Package List
Home Alarm Host(Built-in battery)x1
PIR Sensor(Battery & Bracket Included)x1
Door Sensor(Battery Included)x1
Remote Controller(Battery Included)x2
Power Adapterx1
User Manualx1
Telphone Line Cablex1


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Home alarm 2

Home alarm 2

Wireless alarm starter kit with Central Unit, 1 motion detector, 1 door sensor, two remotes exclusive metal.

Can be controlled via the app available for both iPhone and Andriod. At burglary alarm rings up (or send SMS) to up to 5 of your pre-programmed numbers via mobile network.

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